To get through these cold, snowy winter nights, there's nothing better than curling up by the woodstove with a nice cozy mystery, which is just what I did with THE MARQUESA'S NECKLACE. It didn't disappoint.


What a fun read! Harmony Duprie, the main character, (and I absolutely love that name) leapt off the page with her intelligence and wry sense of humor. She's an independent woman who, for a living, does research for writers. The men in her life are quite unique. There's the mysterious "ghost" she encounters at the library, an amorous detective who has the distinction of once being her arresting officer, and a former lover, now in prison.


Despite that color, her life seems to be moving along rather smoothly, but then, out of the blue, someone blows up her car! From that point on you cannot put this book down. Full of quirky characters and unexpected twists and turns, this is one of the best of this genre I have read in a long time. MacLayne's writing is crisp and clean and I can't wait for another Harmony Duprie mystery to appear on my bookshelf. Highly recommended.