5-STAR Review of RETURN TO MATEGUAS ISLAND by blogger, Jeff Wallace


Return to Mateguas Island: a tale of supernatural suspense by Linda Watkins is the second spine tingling book in her Mateguas Island trilogy. The battle that started in the first thrilling book continues but this time the stakes are higher. This time Karen is not only battling for her family but for the future of mankind. Luckily for her she won't have to make the stand alone as she receives some help from unsuspected places.

This time it is twins Sophie and Terri that are determined to find out what happened that day 10 years ago when their dad disappeared. It is not long before they are transporting us, along with their mom and step-dad, back to that little Island of the coast of Maine. Soon after arriving we find ourselves back on the thrilling roller-coaster ride we experienced in the previous book. This time around there are more characters, twists, and clues that take us even deeper into this mystical realm that plagues the swamp, surrounding property and those that live there. With each page you will find yourself drawn in so deep that you find your heart pounding as you experience these terrifying supernatural events that haunt both Karen and her daughter Terri.

Ms. Watkins does a great job creating an air of mystery around some of characters to make us guess at to just what part they play in the struggle about to unfold. A good example of this was when close to the end of the first book when we find out Maggie is pregnant with Bill's child and the mysterious time lapse she experiences. Then, some of the things that come out in her thoughts further make us wonder what role she will play and will it be for good or evil.

I would recommend this book for anyone that likes folk lore, supernatural stories, mysteries or want to relive that feeling of when you were younger and would tell scary stories around the campfire.

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