Lita Burke’s “Tredan’s Bane” transports the reader to a seductive world of magic, sensuality and danger. Spells, ghosts, Maji’kers, evil enforcers, Enchanters, and Church Magicians abound as this lyrical story unfolds, taking the reader to an enthralling world of wonder-making.


The story unfolds slowly, investing the reader in Lanith’s fate as she searches for her missing husband (Tredan), navigating her way through an amazing world of magic and magicians. She is accompanied on her quest by her sweet little dragonette, Arnl’jhott – another delightful creature created by Burke.


I particularly loved the sensory imagery in this novel used to describe each character’s particular magic or essence. For example, Enchanter Nyle is “chocolate-cinnamon-peppery magic” and Lanith’s kisses are “blueberry.” How wonderful is that!


Burke’s writing is ‘magical’ and “Tredan’s Bane” is a real page-turner. I can’t wait for the next in this series, “Ghost Orchid”, to appear so I can gobble it down, too!

In summary, this novel is highly recommended for those who want to leave this mundane world and, for a short time, live in a truly magical realm.