A Corporal No More

A Corporal No More - J. Scott Payne J. Scott Payne's historical novel, A Corporal No More, gives a heart-wrenching account of one man's journey through the labyrinth that was this country's Civil War.

Payne's protagonist, Joe Little, unhappy with his life as a lumberjack, enlists in the Union Army with the belief that the war will bring some excitement and adventure into his life. But things don't turn out as he expected. Peril at every turn coupled with the monotony of long, endless marches through unpleasant terrain, become the nature of his existence. And, if the assaults by the rebel forces weren't enough, he is also finds himself stalked by a killer.

On the bright side, he has a sweetheart waiting for him, Abigail, the daughter of his former employer. She hopes for his return from the war so they can marry.
But before that can happen, Joe must endure much travail that leaves him bone weary and brings him close to death.

Payne, once a reporter, gives the reader a brutally frank and accurate picture of the life of a young corporal during this country's most devastating war. His meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a page-turning narrative, make this debut novel an outstanding read.

I give it 5 stars!