The Branches of Time

The Branches of Time - Luca  Rossi Luca Rossi's first full-length novel transports us to another place and time - an island called Turios. The story begins at a wedding, attended by all of the island's inhabitants. All is serene until the unthinkable happens - out of nowhere, deadly rock shards fall from the sky. Two of the attendees escape and seek sanctuary in the temple where they find the one person who was not present at the nuptials, the mysterious priestess, Miril.

Thus, starts a magical journey that takes us back and forth through time with an unforgettable cast of characters. These include a sex-obsessed and insane ruler, bound on the destruction of Turios; a couple of bizarre wizards, one ancient and bitter, and the other a man who takes it upon himself to alter the very nature of time; and the former's innocent apprentice who may end up being the greatest sorcerer of them all.

The Branches of Time moves swiftly and effortlessly, enthralling the reader with its tightly woven plot and fantastic imagery. To say Luca Rossi leaves the door ajar at the end is an understatement and I, for one, eagerly await the next installment in this series. Highly recommended adult reading! You won't go wrong with this one!