September Ends

September Ends - Hunter S. Jones If you are prepared for a tale of a life story, this is the book for you. September Ends is a novel told in a Epistolary format; it's unlike anything your have ever read. Emails and chatrooms, a Wiki page, diary entries, poetry are all here, yet in an easy to read format.

The way Liz Snow and Pete Hendirx meet and fall in love is very believable in our world. The Poet is introduced as a periphery character, yet soon takes stage front and center. Hunter S. Jones and the anonymous poet reveal the story of September Ends to us, peeling back layer after layer to reveal a true five star ending that will stay with you long after you read this novel.

My favorite part of the novel was where Jack O. Savage told his part of the story, followed quickly by Liz Snow coming in and setting the record straight.

The mixture of a contemporary romance novel told through letters with glimpses of the erotic, the paranormal, the humorous, and tragic elements may not be enjoyed by everyone, but I loved it.