Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories

Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories - D.K. Cassidy To say that "Spilt Milk" is brilliant is an understatement. This IS great writing! "Spilt Milk" is a collection of short stories, intricately interwoven in a unique and tantalizing way, keeping the reader endlessly enthralled. The prose is sparse and somehow 'just right' - no wasted hyperbole here.

I usually eschew short stories - my preference being for that big fat book that lasts a long time. However, Ms. Cassidy's collection is so amazing that an eBook just isn't enough. This is one I want on my bookshelf and, to that end, I have just ordered the paperback.

This work is most highly recommended - if I could, I would give it 6 stars! We'll be hearing a lot about Ms. Cassidy in the future, I am sure!