Australian Animals and Their Animal Friends

Australian Animals and Their Animal Friends - Bob Libby I was browsing through animal-related books trying to find something to entertain my nephew when I came across this wonderful edition. Having been to Australia and visited many wildlife parks as well as spending time on the Great Barrier Reef, I was fascinated to learn more about the many fabulous creatures that inhabit that continent. In addition, I learned about animals I didn't even know existed, like the white kangaroo and the white dingo (both of which are seriously endangered).

Added to the seriously informative text about these creatures, the author has included in the book some beautiful photographs and a bit of whimsy in the form of poetry - one poem for each entry. There is also a humorous snippet at the end of each animal's section which will help to keep the younger readers entertained.

The latter portion of the book takes us away from the Australian continent and highlights other animals from all over the world.

This is truly a wonderful addition to any young person's library and, for us older folks, well, we just might learn something from it, too! Highly recommended.