A Sense of Duty

A Sense of Duty - Ava Armstrong A Sense of Duty is a story of love - the love between a man and a woman and the love of country. Ms. Armstrong's protagonists are both damaged people - Lara, from a brutal rape when she was just a girl, and Ben, a retired Navy SEAL, from war and loss. Both are guarded people with a strong need to control even the most minute aspects of their lives.

The story of their love begins even before they meet as Ben, hearing about her from his uncle, does an in-depth background check which is very akin to stalking. Deciding Lara may be the person who can make his life whole again, he sets out to meet and woo her. But does the course of true love run smoothly? No, of course not - there are obstacles - the greatest of which is the fact that Ben is already married and has a son. Also, throw into the mix two other suitors for Lara - one, her wealthy, debonair employer and the other, a handsome playboy type who sees her as the ultimate challenge, and you have plenty of cause for tension and conflict.

Ms. Armstrong writes this work from the alternating viewpoints of her two main characters, giving the reader insight into both of their motivations. The writing is crisp and clean and provides for a compelling read. I, for one, was up to the wee small hours, unable to put it down. I'll say no more here about the plot, but will mention how much I enjoyed the detail Armstrong provided about southern Maine. I lived in Maine for seven years and it was fun journeying back to places I frequented then.

Overall, I found A Sense of Duty to be a wonderful love story and I look forward to more from Ms. Armstrong in the future.