Me and Jasper and the Summer of '86

Me and Jasper and the Summer of '86 - Aaron Saylor What a fun read this was! Two eleven-year-old boys, living in rural Appalachia in the 1980's, forge a friendship revolving around G.I. Joes, comic books and, most importantly, Fangoria Magazine. But things turn dark in the summer of 1986, when the two embark on a hunt for the legendary Boone Creek Banshee.

Saylor captures perfectly the speech patterns and pre-occupations of pre-adolescent boys living in this rural community. In addition, the tale is woven with humor as well as horror and Saylor intersperses pertinent social commentary throughout.

I understand from the book's description that this was just the first taste of a greater novel, ADVENTURES IN TERROR WITH JASPER BOHANON (one of the two boys) due out later this year and, I, for one, look forward to that novel with great anticipation. Highly Recommended.