Rhapsody in Paris

Rhapsody in Paris - Ju Ephraime Rhapsody in Paris is the final chapter in the wonderful LaCasse series by Ju Ephraime. I love this author's writing style. The other three books in the series, which I've read, were set in Martinique and the Caribbean and words of the author were so vivid, I almost felt like I was there!. This final episode took me to Paris, virtually.

The story is written from the perspective the heroine, Franchesca and had me feeling her painful excitement, when she meets and falls in love with Damon. Damon is a real hot ticket so it's understandable that Franchesca couldn't resist him - not that she tried much! Ms. Ephraime uses remarkable skill making the reader experience the emotional upheavals the characters go through as they struggle to come to grips with the intensity of their feelings for each other… extreme passion, pain, and finally, an unbridled display of love as it is triumphant.

Another great work by this author!