Skeletons of Birkbury

Skeletons of Birkbury - Diana J. Febry I haven't read a good whodunit in a long time and "The Skeleton's of Birkbury" does not disappoint! Set in rural England, the mystery begins when a skeleton is accidentally unearthed on a country estate. The remains turn out to be that of a young woman who may once have been employed as a groom at the stables (yes, this is the horsey set). Investigating are Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall, who has a few skeletons of his own in the closet, and his junior partner, the lovely Detective Inspector Fiona Williams.

From this point on, Ms. Febry introduces us to a delightful bunch of eccentric characters, many of whom could be our murderer. Clues are dropped as she slowly weaves a tapestry, keeping the reader guessing as to whether Inspector Hatherall has zeroed in on the right target.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and, if you are a lover of cozy mysteries, you won't be disappointed here. I understand Ms. Febry is working on a sequel and I will look forward to the further adventures of Inspector Hatherall and Detective Williams. Highly recommended for mystery aficionados!